A fresh approach to local and heritage ingredients

County Yum Club’s modern pantry of condiments, preserves and drinks takes a fresh approach to traditional ingredients. We want to explode appreciation for the amazing food that our land yields and help build and support sustainable food networks in Ontario. .



County Yum Club represents a group of small food producers in Prince Edward County, working in happy tandem, to create  a modern pantry of delicious edibles and drinks.



Inspired by our food traditions and heritage ingredients, County Yum Club creates condiments, preserves, edibles and drinks  which aim to amuse and delight.

Where to find


County Yum Club products are made possible because of a number of local and Ontario growers. Here is a non-exhaustive peek at this lively group of dedicated food producers.



Fueled by a desire to enjoy the bright flavours of local food year-round, County Yum Club embraces a legacy of  food preservation history and practices.


Core Ingredients

Sourced from small food producers in Prince Edward County and Ontario, these are the foods that resonate deeply with us – connecting us to the land, to one another and to our regional traditions

Where to find

Where to Find

County Yum Club products are available in number of wonderful food and retail locations in Ontario. Click to find a store near you.


Connecting to the land, to one another, to food traditions

Our core ingredients are foods that resonate deeply with us – they connect us to the land, to one another and to our regional traditions. Many, but not all, are native. and many have been used by Indigenous peoples,and settlers who  struggled to survive in this beautiful, but sometimes harsh, land.

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