Chicken Shawarma $8.99

Deeply seasoned, broiled chicken, salad trimmings, pickled veggies, tangy humous and our own garlic sauce, wrapped in a pita and pressed on the grill till it all comes together perfectly.

Chickpea Shawarma $7.99

The same treats as the original shawarma but with flavourful, roasted chickpeas for a vegan delight, but trust us this not just for vegans, its for all folks who love scrumptious food.

Shawarma Salad $8.99

All of our delicious Shawarma flavours in a hearty Gluten Free salad form. Chicken or Chickpea versions available. Served on greens with a Tangy Lemon Vinagrette, and all the deliciousness that usually fills our shawarma.

Shawarma Poutine. $8.25

Yes. Here. Only here.

County Yum Signature Sandwich $9.25

Scratch built meatloaf, 2 strips of smokey bacon, house aioli, our green tomato chutney and sprouts on a brioche bun.

Club Nachos $8.25

Warm tortilla chips, smothered with our zesty Queso. Includes house Pico de Gallo, sour cream, lettuce and hot peppers.
Add Shawarma Chicken + $3.00.

Poutine $5.99

Fresh Cut Fries – Curds & Vegetarian Gravy.

Artisinal, Hand-Dipped, Vegetarian POGO $4.00

Fries $3.99

Hand cut, twice cooked fries

House sauces – gravy, curry and aioli $1.00


Lively Cold Side

Every day we feature new offerings in our fridges for delicious, nutritious Grab&Go. Items you can expect to find include:

Green, Greek and Caesar salads $4-10

Rice wraps of vermicelli noodles, packed with veggies served with soya-ginger dipping sauce $9

Prepared veggies like beets, beans, potato and roots all turned in delectable dressings $6

Freshly made sandwiches of cheese, in-house roast meats and veggies $8-10

Delightful dips and house crackers $7-10

Healthy YUM!


Number E Sparkling Ice Teas on Tap

Try Black Tea/ Blueberry or Green Tea/ Cucumber – our partners in yummy


by Kawartha Dairy
2 oz – $3.00 | 6 0z – $5

Creams of the highest quality.
All the Classics!