Chicken Shawarma $8.99

Deeply seasoned, broiled chicken, salad trimmings, pickled veggies, tangy humous and our own garlic sauce, wrapped in a pita and pressed on a grilled till it all comes together perfectly.

Chickpea Shawarma 6.99

The same treats as the original shawarma but with flavourful, roasted chickpeas for a vegan delight, but trust us this not just for vegans, its for all folks who love scrumptious food.

County Yum Signature Sandwich $9.25

Scratch built meatloaf, 2 strips of smokey bacon, house aioli, our green tomato chutney and sprouts on a brioche bun.

The Whole Farm Salad $12.99

Local greens turned in our herb’d buttermilk dressing, local cheese, grilled meat, chewy cooled grains. boiled egg, house pickle, sprouts and warm bread. Yup. The whole farm.

Shawarma Poutine. 7.99

Yes. Here. Only here.

Poutine 5.99

Fries 3.99

House sauces – gravy, curry and aioli $1.00


Lively Cold Side

Every day we feature new offerings in our fridges for delicious, nutritious Grab&Go. Items you can expect to find include:

Green, Greek and Caesar salads $4-10

Rice wraps of vermicelli noodles, packed with veggies served with soya-ginger dipping sauce $9

Prepared veggies like beets, beans, potato and roots all turned in delectable dressings $6

Freshly made sandwiches of cheese, in-house roast meats and veggies $8-10

Delightful dips and house crackers $6-8

Healthy YUM!


Number E Sparkling Ice Teas on Tap

Try Black Tea/ Blueberry or Green Tea/ Cucumber – our partners in yummy


by Nice Ice Baby of Quinte
2 oz – $2.00 | 6 0z – $4.65

Creams of the highest quality.
Try Gingersnap, Peanut Butter & Jam or Lemon Meringue Pie. The list of deliciousness goes on and on…